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At CPI, we believe that everybody has a responsibility towards the sustainability agenda. CPI is a leader within the construction sector and we take our ethical responsibilities seriously.

Advocating for a sustainable future

Our Sustainability Strategy

At CPI, we believe that not causing environmental damage is a baseline standard. Our strategy consists of four core pillars: planet, product, people and communities. We underpin our four pillars with an ethical approach and consider it in all of our practices; including the way we train, the standards we set, and the ISO accreditations that we have.

Investing in new opportunities

At CPI, we are constantly investing in new opportunities for sustainability. This includes, but is not limited to, reducing the carbon impact of our activities, testing for new cement products, monitoring waste streams, reducing single-use plastics, investing in employee wellbeing, community engagement, volunteering, supporting educational institutions and educating on the construction industry.

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Building a sustainable future

CPI is strongly committed to creating a sustainable world for future generations to come. Visit our YouTube channel to see what we’ve been doing recently!

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) for our Northfleet trucks

The switch from diesel to HVO, a paraffinic fuel produced from 100% renewable and sustainable waste, We initiated a trial of six vehicles at our plant in Northfleet, Kent, in November 2022.  Since then, we have rolled out this switch to HVO to our plant in Bilston. It’s anticipated the fossil-free fuel initiative will be subject to a wider roll-out at a number of our factories.

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CPI is committed to sustainability in action, going beyond words to make a tangible impact on our colleagues, communities and the planet we all share. We do this by investing in more sustainable processes and products and giving colleagues opportunities to support community projects.


Tony O’Sullivan Chief Executive Officer

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Primary school pupils had fun while gaining vital road safety insights during a visit to our EuroMix production plant in Coatbridge, East Lanarkshire. The trip was part of our Vulnerable Road User Scheme, which teaches children how to stay safe around HGVs...

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