EuroMix Silo Mixing Station

The Silo Mixing Station is the standard mixing system for use with EuroMix products. Material is discharged directly into a tub or skip at the push of a button. It offers a highly cost-effective solution for most building and construction projects with all the benefits of dry mortar technology. The mixer has an output of at least 50 litres per minute which means it will fill a standard mortar tub in just a few minutes.

Key Features

  • Silo is delivered to site complete with all necessary equipment including easy clean mixer.
  • Timer control allows mixer to operate without supervision.
  • Suitable for use with all EuroMix products - mortars, renders, screeds and concretes.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Mixer Output Power Requirements Water Requirements


Volume 18m³ / 22m³

Empty weight 2.4t / 2.7t

Max. capacity 27t / 33t

Max. height 6.6m /7.2m

Base area 3m x 3m

Integral continuous mixer & control panel

Requires access for tanker refill


Minimum 50 litre/min


3 phase 415v 16A or Single phase 230v 32A


Standard ¾" tap, with water tank supplied where required